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Tcl Dictionary by tonybaldwin
because everybody likes to tickle their dict.

tdict - tc/tk dictionary

An online dictionary look-up tool, written in, T-Dict is cross-platform, running on Linux, Mac or Windows, and is 100% GPL, Free, Open Source Software. Tickle Dict has access to 48 different dictionaries and resources.

You could shell out bit bucks for some commercial dictionary applications, but why?

Tickle Dict is free! (not a free trial, but always free, and no ads, spyware, malware, etc.)

You can change the font size or background color, save definitions to a text file, or select and copy text from the definition area to be pasted elsewhere..



Tdict requires:

  • tcl/tk 8.5 (or newer) and tcllib. GNU/Linux users can install tcl/tk with their distribution's package manager (apt, yum, whatever). Mac folks should get tcl from ActiveStateTcl
  • Windows users: The tdict.exe can be run on Windows without additional installation of tcl/tk. However, if you'd rather download the sources and run from those, you will want ActiveStateTcl.


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tonybaldwin 2012.